Recent Projects

  1. CMKConsulting

    I started CMKConsulting in 2004 in order to work as a consultant.
    For the past 9 years I have been working with 3 main clients, as well as a few smaller contacts.

  2. Devicom - IT Lead

    Devicom is a telecoms company which caters to international calls at reduced prices both fixed lines and mobile.
    - Design, development and deployment of new systems and code
    - System maintenance and upgrades
    - API creation and integration with 3rd parties
    - Service monitoring and fault analysis
    Tech: php, MySql, MSSql, HTML5, CSS, Java, Python, Infrastructure (linux/windows servers)

  3. MyCosmik - CTO

    MyCosmik is an app which bypasses roaming charges by routing the international calls through local number.
    - API creation for account control between iOS/Android apps and telecoms server
    - System design and deployment
    - Billing integration and security
    - Service monitoring and fault analysis
    Tech: php, MySql, HTML5, CSS, ASMX, Objective C, Java

  4. YlangTelecom

    YlantTelecom is a French company allows for voip calling and traditional calling with calling cards
    - Service monitoring and fault analysis
    - Billing and account creation/maintenance - Infrastructure upgrade
    Tech: MSSql, HTML5, CSS, ASMX, Infrastructure (linux/windows servers)